“Wed By Jaco” or "Pastors-On-Call" is the outreach of Pastor Jaco Venter based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. We are wedding professionals who anticipate
being referred to couples who are seeking a wedding ceremony celebrant. As professionals, we agree that we will always act in accordance with the following
Principles and Guidelines when dealing with a couple referred to us.
God’s Love, First and Always.
In all of our dealings with the couple to be married, we will be concentrating on God’s Love. It is God’s Love that not only guides us in regards to our business,
but it is what guides us our everyday lives as well. We will marry anyone who asks us to marry them.  There will be no barriers to any religion, any belief on their part,
any second guessing or judging by us of their worthiness or fitness for marriage (How could we know what is God’s plan?), any kind of person, and divorced or not ... provided,
however, that the couple is seeking a spiritual element to their wedding ceremony.  We may or may not marry them, at our discretion, if they are seeking only a civil or non-spiritual ceremony
At the same time, we will strive to never condemn anyone for any beliefs or practices (e.g., living together), we will not require them to believe what we believe, and we will not tell them what
they must do or not do in the future.  However, we shall feel free to share our visions of life and God, as we would ask them theirs. While we do not require instructions or tests, there may
be times that we will recommend them as a useful tool in reducing stress or helping the couple in their relationship with each other. But our relationship with the couple will be in no way
affected if they should choose not to participate in them. If the couple should request them, or any other form of pre-marital counseling, we may provide them ourselves or suggest
another place to obtain them.
No Pressure, But Support.
The couple can, if they choose to and time allows, meet with us free of charge for an approximate 1-hour visit where we can answer any of your questions and tell you about ourselves.
We will not require you to make a decision then and there. We feel that the selection of a wedding Officiant is one of the most important that the couple make while planning their
wedding ceremony. However, we also understand that there are MANY important decisions that the wedding couple is making during this time. (Many of them NOT related to the
planning of there ceremony.) For that reason, we will not pressure any couple into make a decision that may be against their beliefs or ideals. We will be encouraging and uplifting at all times.
We will offer ideals and suggestions. We will encourage every couple to follow their own vision of what their ideal wedding ceremony should be, and assist them in making that ideal a reality.
When planning your ceremony, we will be open to the individual needs and spiritual beliefs of everyone involved. It is our intention to honor each and everyone’s own private spiritual beliefs
and practices.  We may or may not marry them, at our discretion, if we are under the conviction that we will be compromising are own Christian believes in any request made by the couple. 
We encourage open and honest dialog.
Children, Animal and Photographer Friendly.
We will support and encourage our couples that wish to involve children in their wedding ceremonies, be they their own, or the children of a friend or relative. We understand however,
and hope that everyone involved understands, that children sometimes do not comprehend all the emotions that adults can go through during a wedding or other type of ceremony,
and therefore at times find it difficult to “behave” in a way that adults would like.  If this should happen, we will do whatever is necessary to comfort or reassure the child involved,
knowing that such can only help the child understand better, and in no way can detract from the service being performed.
We will also support and encourage couples that wish to involve their beloved pets in their ceremonies, be they dogs or cats, horses or pigs, birds or fish, reptiles or any
other of God’s creatures. We will remind the couple that any animal can become excited of distracted by groups of unfamiliar people and may react in an unpredictable way.
However, we will always focus on the fact that, regardless of any outside interruption, the end result of the ceremony will always be the same.
We are, and always will be, photographer friendly. While we would sometimes like to believe that the most important expense that the couple will have is for their Wedding Officiator,
the fact is that is in their wedding pictures that most couples will need to invest, because it will be the pictures that the couple will have in the future to remind them of their special day.
We will put no restrictions on photographers regarding the use of flash, and will at all times be aware of the importance of capturing certain moments of the ceremony in pictures.
(i.e., rings placed on fingers, Unity Candles being lit, etc.) Our only request to photographers in general would be that they try not to block the view of others and be courteous to other
people wishing to take pictures themselves.
Thank you very much for considering “Wed By Jaco” to be your wedding Officiates. We know your time is valuable and we appreciate your interest.
If there are any questions you may have, please feel free to call or e-mail us at any time.
 We do not go for the boring, and longwinded but for the short, uplifting and inspirational.  (Unless we are requested to do otherwise!)
 Many couples ask (and rightly so) “what does the marriage officer do?”
Most I know, do 6 of the under mentioned. I do all
1)   I, am responsible for informing you of the different legal contracts you can enter into at marriage and the implications of each on your Personal and business life.
      I believe you should make an informed choice.
2)   I make sure that everything is in line with the legal requirements as far as your marriage is concerned.
3)   I help you to plan the ceremony (at the pre marriage meeting) to suite your requirements.
 4) I am at the venue at least 30 minutes in advance to coordinate the ceremony with the musicians, the groom, best man and who ever else to make sure that we all know the procedure.
5) I lead the ceremony and see to it that the program flows fluently.
6) I do the sermon/motivational in such a way that every person present finds it stimulating, informative and memorable.
7)  I am responsible for the preparation of all the paperwork as required by law.
8)  I issue you with a marriage certificate.
9)  I personally register your marriage at the Department of Home Affairs (the law only requires me to post.)
10) I travel to and fro to your venue.
11) I patiently wait, if you are late for the appointment.
12) A lot of this happens after hours.